Friday, 18 December 2009

An Underground Hip Hop Sensation

Credit to The Wire for this recommendation. His name Sensational takes on a certain playfulness when his music remains so understated, for a hip hop artist. Apparently he uses no samples, favouring live instrumentation. It's certainly refreshing to hear hip hop that isn't clean and skyscraper shiny instead mirroring the streets from where it came. In fact Sensational is something of a salesman, regularly talking up his tapes to strangers from corners. The album is called "Get On My Page" and you'll be rewarded with some good experimental hip hop if you do. He also features in an underground 90s Brooklyn hip hop film. From LastFm

Sensational is “underground hip-hop’s number one upstart-in-waiting.” Sensational’s unique style and personality have been showcased in the semi-biographical film Crooked (WSCD041), released by WordSound in 2001. The film, which documents the underground hip-hop scene in Brooklyn in the ’90s, became an instant cult classic and is available on DVD along with its companion soundtrack, produced largely by Sensational.