Thursday, 16 September 2010

A Decade of Independent UK Guitar Noise

Since arriving, Dick Whittington-style in London during Prince's favourite year, I've tried to go to as many gigs as money and time allows. My North American-centric taste (possible future post on why) means that artists coming from these shores have always struggled for my attention. Tellingly local acts often play second fiddle to prestigious transatlantic visitors at London gigs and in the media.

Having attended my friends' Hired Geeks all dayer, I revisited some good old UK guitar noise types. Here is a list of my favourites:

Charlottefield (1999-2008)

Featuring the greatest drummer I've ever seen live, Ashley Marlowe. They mix punk and post-rock to visceral effect. [ p o c k e t s ] supported them on New Year's Eve 2006.

Billy Mahonie

Named after a character in Flatliners, they had been going for a few years when I encountered their . Dusseldorf was the first post-rock disco single ... in my room.

That Fucking Tank (1991? - present)

These krautrock kids come from Leeds and they've recently added elements of techno and prog to their sound. Unfortunately I couldn't see them standing far back at the alldayer so I'm not certain whether they were wearing their trademark masks or outfits although the photo suggests it was a more sober affair this time round.

Part Chimp (2000-2010)

These rock bonobos have been doyens of the UK noise scene delivering solid albums and pummelling live shows throughout their lifespan, sadly ending soon. After many line up changes the originals probably felt it was time.

Giddy Motors (now Poino)

Despite being one of only about four people to own their first album on release I never saw these sickos but Poino carry on their legacy with menacing frontman Gaverick, the fulcrum of the twisted trio. Drumming also amazing.