Thursday, 13 May 2010

Playlist May 2010

There's a lull in the indie rock force. My senses seem to be sub-consciously preparing my body for an onslaught of quiet and loud guitar wrangling thanks to the traditional May jaunts to ATP and Primavera.

The Ghost in the Machine is opting for sonic balance by ushering in more rhythmic frequencies. Here is the evidence courtesy of my LastFM profile.

Rustie is a Glasgow based aquacrunk artist ... that's aquacrunk. Genius!

Fashawn is a young hip hop artist from Fresno in North Cali(fornia) and reminds me of Nas, details here

Fresno is also the crystal meth capital of America.

Torche, are a guitar worshipping mofos. I'll skip them for now based on my introduction.

Slugabed is a Brighton based wonky producer, yes, wonky. He's clearly influenced by hip hop and computer games.

MF Doom going a bit coffee table with Madlib producing.

Mobb Deep
Queensbridge representin'

Seeing as this post is laden with lazy genre terms, here's a phrase that hopefully sums up these guys, electro-art-punk. Sorry, I'll get my coat and leave you with this amazing video.